Access America Internet Service-Internet Access Pricing Plans for Business
Access America Internet is committed to providing quality, business-grade internet services.  In keeping with this commitment, Access America Internet allows and encourages business-grade use of the internet service:
1.  Local Area Networks (LANs) are allowed on all plans.
2.  All accounts are unlimited use.  The customer is solely responsible for limiting the hours of use per month (some internet providers automatically suspend accounts that reach their hours per month limit).  Access America does not automatically suspend accounts that reach their hours per month limit, however overage charges may apply depending on the plan.
3.  Virtual Private Networks are encouraged.
4.  Static IP addresses are available on all plans.

Business Plans:  Dedicated Internet Access Setup Fee Per Month
Dedicated T1 and Ethernet
$Call $Call
Dedicated T1 and Ethernet installation includes router programming, professional wiring installation with jack.  Sufficient electrical outlets and surge protector and available port on LAN switch equipment must be available where router is to be installed.

Optional Features Setup Fee Per Month
For E-mail boxes, see our web hosting packages). $Call or visit web hosting
$Call or visit web hosting

Prices are subject to change without notice.   Federal, State, and Local taxes and fees are in addition to the prices.
Access America Internet Acceptable Use Policy and General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Dial-Up:  Analog 28.8/33.6/56k analog dial-up, ISDN 64k and 128k Internet Access Access America no longer offers Analog or ISDN Dial-Up Internet Access as of September, 2006
ADSL Internet Access (includes 1 Static IP address, additional Static IPs available) Access America no longer offers DSL Internet Access as of July, 2017
Access America Business Web Page Hosting
Web Site Hosting Prices Your own domain (
E-mail boxes at your domain (
E-mail forwarding
E-mail autoresponders
Pricing from $39.95 per month
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