Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed this page a long time ago in order to answer some of the commonly asked questions about the Access America Internet Service and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Most of this stuff doesn't apply because we don't provide dial-up or DSL service anymore.


1.  What are the DNS (Domain Name Server) Numbers for Access America Internet?

2.  What is my e-mail address at Access America Internet?

3.  What are the mail and news server names at Access America Internet?

Microsoft Internet Explorer software installation

Access America no longer supplies disks with Microsoft Internet Explorer because most computers come with MSIE pre-installed.  Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 is now obsolete, most computers now have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 pre-installed on them.  Please see the instructions below for setup of the pre-installed Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.  For those of you who want a little more information, please see the instructions below for the more hands-on method of setting up your computer without using the Microsoft Internet Setup Wizard.

Hands-on method

1.  How do I set up Internet Explorer for Windows 95/98?

Follow these steps in order:

2.  How do I set up my Internet Mail program to send and receive my mail?

3.  Why can't people reply to me at my e-mail address?

4.  How do I create an e-mail message to send to someone?

5.  My son/daughter has an account with America On-Line on our computer.   They were on-line this morning and now I can't get on-line to Access America Internet.  What happened?

6.  How do I change the settings in my browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) or in my e-mail program Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express?

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 (MSIEv5) and later

1.  Do I need new software if MSIEv5 is already installed on my new computer?

2.  How do I change my e-mail settings?

Microsoft Internet Explorer

How does the internet work?

The internet is composed of a whole bunch of computers hooked together allowing them to communicate in various ways to allow you to do different things like browse web pages or send and receive e-mail.  There are the personal computers at the outside edge (like the one you are probably sitting in front of now) and it is connected by a telephone wire, cable connection or wireless method to a router.  The router sends information back and forth from the computer you are sitting in front of, to/from the computer with which you are communicating (which may be in the same room with you or could be across the world).  The language that allows computers to communicate with each other is called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).  It is this common language that allows different computers running different operating systems (like Windows or MacOS or UNIX) to all talk to each other.  Before the internet there wasn't a widely used protocol (or "language") that everyone used.  It is this common language that makes the internet so special.  For more information about the internet, you can view a short animated explanation here:   Have fun!

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